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Air Conditioner Installation Honolulu Hawaii

AC Install on the island of OahuIs your air conditioner feeling not as powerful as it used to be? Has the overall power of your AC felt somewhat bleak over the past couple of years? Have you been stuck calling a technician to have your unit repaired on multiple occasions? Does it feel like you just can’t keep the temperature from getting too hot in your home or office? If so, it may be time to upgrade your old air conditioner to a newer model.

Here at CoolXEnergy, we understand that upgrading your appliances can feel somewhat overwhelming. Waiting it out until the temperature outside gets cooler or just hoping the AC fixes itself may seem tempting. However, replacing your air conditioner for an updated unit will not only keep your space cool, it can also save you money.

How Air Conditioner Installation On Oahu Can Save You Money

It’s no secret that technology continues to get better everyday. With the change in technology, you most likely upgrade your phone on an annual basis, replace your coffee maker once every couple of months to a couple of years, update your television, gaming systems, computers, cars, and the list goes on.

With all the innovations and upgrades you do every year, how often do you upgrade your AC? Do you upgrade your HVAC system on a regular basis or just call a technician when it doesn’t seem to work?

Like your everyday technology, HVAC units (air conditioners, furnaces, heat pumps, etc.) continue to get better each and every day. A 10-year-old air conditioner just out of warranty, will not function as well as new AC fresh off the line.

Choosing to replace your air conditioner with a newer unit can save you money when it comes to repairs and your overall energy bills. With over 50% of your utility bill cost going to your air conditioning consumption, it’s only logical that you maintain the quality of your AC, even replacing it when necessary.

Not only will you save money from costly repairs when you get a new AC, but you will also save on energy costs and can even qualify for energy rebates as well.

How Are Air Conditioners Installed In Honolulu?

An air conditioner consists of many parts, but two main components are of note. That is the indoor coil and the outdoor coil. The indoor coil is called your evaporator whilst your outdoor coil is called the condenser. With an air conditioner, chemical fluid called refrigerant runs through your air conditioner lines and cycles between the evaporator and condenser coils with the help of a compressor.

When the refrigerant runs through the evaporator inside your home, it draws the heat into the tubes and carries it outside to the condenser where the heat is pulled from the condenser coil by a large fan and displaced into the outside air. In fact, cool air doesn’t really exist. It is only the absence of heat.

While this may sound complicated, think of it as an indoor box and an outdoor box. And while that makes it easy to understand, air conditioning installation on Oahu isn’t as easy as removing your old unit and putting a new one in. Air conditioner installs in Honolulu require knowing the size of your home or business, how many rooms will need climate control, how many levels your building is and what size SEER system will be required. This and more is needed to maintain optimal temperature and energy savings with your new air conditioner.

If you don’t take into account the areas in the property needing to be cooled, the distance of the unit to the furthest area, the insulation of the home and the overall size of the unit, you could lose money. This is why it is important that an expert installs your new AC. Not just so you know it is installed safely, but so you also get the best comfort, affordable pricing, and energy savings possible.

When you choose CoolXEnergy, we will consult you on your current unit (if you have one), your property size, whether it is an office or a home air conditioner installation on Oahu, when you’d like to have the installation take place and any other questions you might have.

New Air Conditioner Installation in Honolulu HawaiiWhat Is The Cost Of A New Air Conditioner Installation On Oahu?

While saving money and having a comfortable living or working space sounds great, you’re no doubtably wondering what the cost is going to be.

The cost of a new air conditioner installation in Honolulu can range from place to place. The overall cost depends on a lot of the criteria listed above in this article. If this is a commercial air conditioner installation on Oahu, the cost will be considerably different than that of a home AC installation.

Certain one level homes will also need a smaller unit than a two-story property. The little things definitely matter when pricing a proper AC for your home or building. At CoolXEnergy, we understand that the cost of a new install definitely matters when choosing a company to work with. That is why we are dedicated to providing you with the most affordable and best solution in Honolulu.

As mentioned previously, when you install a new air conditioner, it is important to look at the cost as an investment. Then it really isn’t a cost at all. Take note of the money that you will save on your energy bills, the savings on costly repairs, the increase in your property value, and the level of comfort you will be upgrading to. How long will it take you to make your investment back?

When you look at it as an investment and think of it in terms of how you upgrade your phone or anything else in your home, it just makes sense to keep your AC maintained at all times.

With a brand new CoolXEnergy air conditioning installation in Honolulu, your AC will pay for itself. If you are looking to install an air conditioner in your Honolulu or Oahu home / business, call CoolXEnergy today at (808) 202-8436 or email us at info@coolxenergy.com.

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