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Reduce AC installation costs and usage costs!
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Nothing uses more energy in Hawaii’s
Commercial buildings than air conditioning.
Hawaii’s electrical rates are the highest in the
nation. We provide longer lifespan solutions and
technology to Building Owners and Managers
for higher efficiency, longer lasting designs, with
a stronger emphasis on overall savings.

About Us

Owner Myron Thompson’s dream was to harness the best in alternative energy technology to help turn Hawai‘i “green.” He attributes his vision for his company to his family’s home grown roots and strong commitment to the ‘āina.

Our Mission

It all goes back to my family’s background and values. My late dad, Myron “Pinky” Thompson, was committed to preserving our land and culture. He wanted his children to help create a safe, healthy and sustainable Hawai’i.

He helped us to form a mission for our ‘ohana that we continue to follow today. It is to help create a safe and healthy Hawai’i, which includes preserving the ‘aina for us and the generations to come. I remind myself of that every day as we build our company.”

— Myron Thompson – President

Our Company

CoolXEnergy is headed by Myron Thompson, President and CEO.  His extensive background and deep roots in the rewenable energy field spans close to 20 years in the areas of solar hot water and solar photovoltaic installation.

After extensive research and testing of products that would benefit the residents of Hawaii, he has brought solar air-conditioning, and other technological innovations that reduce energy costs, to the Hawaii market.

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Recent Testimonials

Jill W. Realtor, JD, MRP
Upon discovering an issue during a home sale, they were quick to respond and resolve the issue within the closing time frame. Sakura communicated efficiently and effectively until the issue was resolved. She took the required action necessary with DPP to ensure the unit was properly permitted, and the transaction closed.
Jill W.
Customer, John T.
I spent more than two decades running a service company and always appreciated learning of the can-do attitudes and get-it-done actions of our employees. No client should expect every interaction to be perfect, it is when problems arise that a company’s performance can be best judged. To date, your firm has provided the best level of service. When the problems arose, (two technicians) made sure to communicate the issues and the attempts to develop solutions immediately and without casting blame. I appreciate this, especially since I was often in the same situation many times as the executive vice president of a company with more than 500 employees sometimes giving less than perfect work. They were professional, polite, and very hard working.
John T.

Recent Installations

Learn More About Our Air Conditioning Contractors Here In Honolulu, Hawaii

ouHonolulu Hawaii Air Conditioner RepairHere at CoolXEnergy, we are an Oahu air conditioning company that has found an incredible and efficient way to help our customers. Solar energy is rapidly growing into the most used form of energy in the modern age. Green initiatives and eco-friendly ways to save the environment have fueled the solar energy market into what it is today. For a very long time, solar energy was thought to be a more expensive way to help the environment for Hawaii home and business owners. However, such as new technology begins to develop and grow the prices also start to drop.

Nowadays solar energy is more achievable than ever and is much more affordable than you might think. New innovations with solar panels and thermal technology have drastically reduced the price for initial set up and purchase of these types of units. Innovation has also increased the productivity of these types of solar thermal systems which means the savings from using solar energy units pay for themselves in as little as a few months.

One of the most expensive parts of your energy bill every month is going to be your air conditioner. When you live in an area with tropical weather that has scorching hot days almost year round using an air conditioner in Hawaii is crucial. On a blistering hot day, you want to be able to walk into your home and feel the cool air wash over you without the stress of your electricity bill breaking the bank. This is even more true for business owners. Running AC units or even refrigeration systems in your business is a must for this type of weather but can really start to hurt your business financially.

What if you could save 30 – 50% of your average air conditioner costs every month? You would be able to start saving money as well as be more comfortable in your home. Instead of worrying about turning your air conditioner off throughout the day and night you can begin to rest easy knowing that your AC isn’t costing you an arm and a leg.

How are these savings possible? You can start saving money on your AC usage with our solar air conditioning system. This solar air conditioning and refrigeration system is revolutionary in the solar energy and hvac industries alike. Because of the unique design, one of the our solar panels is as efficient as 30 to 40 of the standard Solar PV panels.

When it comes to air conditioning in Oahu Hawaii you can’t beat the use of solar technology. Hvac in Oahu Hawaii is a necessity for the climate so why wouldn’t you take advantage of the incredible amounts of sun and heat that we have?

Our Oahu air conditioning service will place our solar AC unit on the roof of your home or business. This is the best vantage point to soak up all of the suns free thermal energy. So basically the hotter the sun is the more you will save on your AC usage.


How Does Our Solar Air Conditioning System Work?

ThermX InstallationThe overall concept of our design is quite simple. Take free solar energy and heat from the sun and use it to reduce the amount of energy that is needed to make an AC or refrigeration unit run. But how does it do this? Well, your Oahu air conditioning system uses a chemical known as a refrigerant which is vital to the process of making your AC work. Most people think that an AC unit cools down the air to make it cold which simply isn’t the case. In fact, the air conditioning unit removes the heat in the air and leaves you with cold air that is then distributed around your home.

The high-pressure refrigerant chemical in your AC unit starts as a liquid. It travels through your air conditioner unit until it gets to the evaporator coil. When the refrigerant passes through the evaporator coil it transforms into a gas state through a chemical reaction and in the process removes the heat from the air. Now that the refrigerant has transformed into a low-pressure gas it heads towards the compressor.

The compressor squeezes (or “compresses”) the low-pressure gas until it is a hot, high-pressure gas. Then the gas flows into the condenser coil which displaces the heat outside of your home or business. At the end of the condenser coil is the liquid line where the gas returns to a liquid state allowing it to pass through a metering device and back into the evaporator coil in order to start this process all over again.

You can imagine how this process is taxing on an AC or refrigeration unit but for air conditioning in Honolulu Hawaii, these units take on a lot of stress since they are needed basically year round. That is why a solar cool air conditioner in Hawaii is so incredibly useful and efficient.

The compressor in your Hawaii air conditioning unit uses so much energy to transform the cool gas refrigerant into a hot gas. This is where our solar ac system steps in. The solar panel uses the sun’s free thermal energy to super-heat the gas refrigerant and reduces the amount of stress on your Oahu AC units compressor. Simply by using the sun’s thermal energy to super-heat the refrigerant the amount of energy being used by your AC or refrigeration system decreases anywhere from 30 – 50%. This means you are saving big.

How Does Solar Help my Hawaii AC Unit?

When it comes to using your air conditioning in Oahu Hawaii there is a lot to keep mind. Since we live in such a tropical climate with average days well in the 80 – 90 degree range our state definitely takes advantage of air conditioners. Unlike other states further north air conditioning in Hawaii can definitely be a year round expense.

With that being said the amount of air and heat that your AC unit is processing will definitely affect its lifespan. The compressor in your AC unit is one of the more common parts that we see issues with. When you overwork your AC compressor it can fail which means you are left with no AC and your compressor will need to be repaired or replaced.

How Does Our Solar Air Conditioning Help Hawaii Businesses?

Commercial Solar Air Conditioning Contractors In Honolulu HawaiiOur Oahu air conditioning service can help your business start to save money. But that’s not all. Did you know that your business can actually receive tax credits for using this type of solar AC in Hawaii. The tax credit incentive called the Hawaii Solar Tax Credit has really changed how many homeowners look at solar energy savings costs but this is even more so for business owners. Typically when you take advantage of this tax credit you can receive a return of up to 35% when it comes to tax time.

However, if you are a business or own a commercial property depending on how much you use your AC or other refrigeration units you can actually collect a tax credit of up to $500,000 in the state of Hawaii. This is an incredible opportunity for business owners big and small. Since air conditioning in Hawaii is a year-round necessity for business owners there is no say to how much your business will save on when it comes to energy usage. The possibilities of saving money when it comes to solar energy in Oahu Hawaii are mind boggling.

How Our Solar Air Conditioning And Our Hawaii Air Conditioning Contractors Can Help Your Home

Hawaii Solar Air Conditioning ContractorsOn top of acquiring fantastic tax credits you can begin reducing your homes overall cost when it comes to electricity but that’s not all. There are more incentives that will leave you wanting to finally make the switch to solar technology.

Going ahead and making the switch to solar technology now can actually increase the market value of your home. In a state like Hawaii the long term effect that solar technology will have on saving energy costs is frankly incalculable. This can dramatically increase the price of your home and make your property more desirable for potential buyers.

With all the benefits of using our solar panel beginning to add up it is truly a great investment for your Hawaii home but there is even more. One common question that we’ve heard frequently is about the existing AC units. If you already have a fully functioning air conditioner then our Oahu air conditioning company should have no problem simply installing our solar panel to work with your existing AC unit.

When it comes to solar technology and your overall energy usage CoolXEnergy can absolutely help. Our team will work with you as a homeowner or business owner to make sure your residential or commercial property is outfitted perfectly with our solar panel system. We will make sure that your existing air conditioning unit is saving you energy and money by the time the install is finished. If you would like to request a free quote you can message us on our contact page or just call us at (808) 202-8436.