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Reduce your air conditioner’s electricity usage by
30-50%. Our system pays for itself.

CoolXEnergy’s solar thermal system improves the efficiency of your existing split air conditioning system. Hawaii has tons of free solar energy, but that also makes it a hot place to live during the summer. Our solar panels sit on your roof, soaking up the suns free thermal energy, allowing your air conditioner to cool your home while utilizing 30-50% less electricity.

A CoolXEnergy Solar AC system can pay for itself with reduced electricity costs and 35% State of Hawaii tax credits. Start saving beginning on day 1 of your installation! Give us a call for an analysis of your current electricity usage, and an estimate of the cost savings you could achieve.

The hotter the sun gets, the less your air conditioner’s compressor will need to work to cool your home, saving up to 30-50% on your electricity bill.
Promotes a sustainable lifestyle by keeping you cool during the summer while considerably reducing CO2 emissions.
Eliminates compressor failure due to overheating and substantially increases the lifespan of your air conditioner’s compressor.

Recent Residential Projects

Maintaining Your Honolulu Air Conditioner By Replacing the FilterAs a homeowner, you understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own home. Everyone can agree that temperature regulation is important and when your air conditioning system isn’t functioning properly it can make your home a very uncomfortable place.

That is why residential HVAC on Oahu is an important part of every home on the island. Making sure that your cooling system is running efficiently not only makes you feel more comfortable in your day to day life but also makes your family and friends feel more at home.

What is Residential HVAC:

The term HVAC is commonly known to stand for heating and cooling systems but what does the term HVAC stand for? HVAC literally means heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. However, here in Oahu, most homes don’t require heating. A well built and functioning air conditioning system is the main concern for Oahu’s residents.

Different Types of Residential HVAC Units:

There are many different types of residential HVAC units that you can use. The one that you choose is entirely up to you, your needs, and the layout of your property.

Single-Stage Systems

The single-stage units are great for hot and humid climates like what we have here in Oahu. These systems a very efficient at cooling a home even on the warmest of days. These units are fairly simple to install and don’t require much to keep them running smoothly. They also are pretty cheap to repair when they do have issues.

The only real downfall of this type of unit would be the amount of energy efficiency. These systems are not very energy efficient because they only have a single setting. They are either on or they are off. Hence the name “Single-Stage”. This means that when they are on these units are running on full blast.

This might not seem like a big deal but if you are someone who enjoys using your air conditioner all the time, these single-stage units can end up costing more in the long run when it comes to your energy bills. Also, because these systems are always running they can sometimes be too efficient at cooling your home leaving your living room feeling uncomfortably cold.

Multi-Stage Systems

Multi-stage units are a great option for residential HVAC on Oahu because of their adjustability. Multi-stage systems are sometimes referred to as two-stage, three-stage, or even four-stage systems. Multi-stage is more of a blanket term simply meaning that there are more settings than just on and off.

With two-stage, -three-stage, and four-stage units, you can control how high or low the unit is set to. This also means that a four-stage unit has more adjustability than a two-stage unit. However, keep in mind that the higher the stage the more expensive the unit becomes.

These multi-stage residential HVAC units are a little more expensive than a single-stage unit, however, they are less likely to break. Even if once they do start to have issues, repairing them is usually pretty easy and not very expensive.

Not to mention these systems are much more energy-efficient than single-stage systems. That means you can save more on your average monthly expenses.

Variable-Speed Systems

Variable-speed systems are quickly becoming a more popular option for homeowners. Currently, most of the homes in the US use single-stage systems to cool their homes. However, variable-speed units are becoming the preferred choice due to their energy efficiency.

These types of units work differently than standard single-stage units. A single-stage unit only has the settings on and off. Even the multi-stage units have the ability to function at a high, low or off setting. However, variable-speed systems run much more frequently, sometimes all day long.

You might be asking “But how can this system be more efficient if it’s running all day long?”.

That is a great question. They are more efficient because they run on a low setting all day long. Since single and multi-split units use a lot of energy every time they start running, they are using large amounts of that energy every time they turn off and back on again.

With the variable speed systems, they can run as low as 25% for the entire day and use much less energy because of it. Since they are running all day long, variable-speed units are also incredibly efficient at reducing humidity indoors.

The only real downfall for these units is that they are more expensive to purchase upfront. Yet, with how much they help save on energy costs, these systems will often eventually pay for themselves just in energy savings.

Zoned Systems

Zoned systems are a great option for residential HVAC on Oahu, especially if you live in a large home. Really almost any home would be better off with a zoned system for many different reasons. First, you need to understand what a zoned system is.

To explain it in the simplest way possible, a zoned system is exactly what it sounds like. All of the different rooms in the home are considered zones and each zone has the ability to control its own temperature.

Almost every home has rooms in it that aren’t used as much as others such as your storage room, furnace room, basement, or maybe a spare bedroom or two. When running your air conditioner you’re cooling these rooms with the rest of your home even though you never spend your time in them.

Not to mention that every house has that one room that’s always too hot and the air conditioner never seems to cool that room down. All of these issues can be a pain especially when you want your home to be comfortable but you also want to save on energy costs.

The only real downfall to a zoned HVAC system is the initial upfront costs to purchase and install the system. However, saving money in the long run and having a system that better fits your family’s needs is well worth the expense.

There are other ways you can also help to save on your energy expenses.

How to Help Save on Your Energy Bills

As a homeowner, you take pride in the house that you and your family call home. Whenever there is anything needing to be updated or repaired on your property you, of course, want the best possible option.

However, the best options for you, your family, and your home are not always best when it comes to your pocket. Solar-powered Residential HVAC on Oahu has never been easier and more practical for homeowners than it is now.

Solar power has always been a great way to reduce overall costs and to help save on utility bills but the initial costs to purchase panels and install them were unrealistic for the average homeowner. Not anymore!

Why Choose Residential Solar HVAC?

Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

With such irrefutable proof of climate change, more people than ever are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. Going green to save the planet is one of the most important reasons to make the switch to solar power.

Climate change has contributed to serious droughts that have started to affect plant life including crops all around the world. It has also started to kill reefs and corals that are responsible for sustaining marine life all throughout the ocean.

The polar ice caps around the world are melting and causing ocean levels to rise. Rising sea levels threaten the life that calls coastal areas home. Entire species could be wiped out by the rising oceans.

With how quickly global warming is starting to affect the environment it’s crucial to make the switch today because tomorrow it could be too late.

Save Money by Reducing Your Utility Bills

Most homeowners are looking for any and every way to reduce their monthly expenses. The average price of energy is a huge complaint of almost all American homeowners. Not to mention most energy companies have the ability to raise and lower the prices of the energy they produce.

This price fluctuation is difficult to predict and leaves unsuspecting homeowners with no other choice than to pay the rising energy costs. With our solar energy panels for your residential HVAC on Oahu, you can help reduce your average energy costs dramatically.

Solar panels obviously have the ability to help produce energy but what do homeowners do when solar isn’t an option (like during times when it’s been really cloudy or rainy)? Our solar panels work with your existing means of energy.

So when it’s really sunny out the solar energy is produced and used by your water heating and air conditioning systems, but when the sun hasn’t been out and your panels can’t produce energy, standard energy is used. This way you never have to worry about not having power but you can still save money when it’s sunny.

Tax Incentives

Going green and using solar panels also means that you can receive tax credits for installing solar panels. For residential HVAC on Oahu, the Hawaii Solar Tax Credit offers homeowners a return up to 35% of the cost of solar panels.

That means homeowners can have panels installed and not only start saving money on energy costs right away, but they will also receive tax credits back just for the installation. With the Hawaii Solar Tax Credit, it has never been more affordable to have solar panels installed.

Increases the Value of Your Property

When deciding to upgrade your current HVAC system you must keep in mind that solar panels can add a lot of resale value to your home. Some homeowners might not believe that upgrading to solar panels is a good idea especially if they do not plan on living in their home for a long time.

However, solar panels actually increase the market value of your home quite a bit and some studies say that the amount on average is around $16,000 and can be up to as much as $20,000. Homebuyers are always looking for a home that is set apart from the rest, a home that has something special. Our solar panels will allow buyers to save money on their energy bills, which is a great selling piece for your home.

Why Choose Our Solar Panels Over Other Systems?

Our solar panels use solar thermal technology which is different from PV (solar photovoltaic) which is the type of solar energy most people have heard of. The way that solar thermal technology works is by collecting the sunlight and converting that light into heat. Then the solar panel stores it and turns it into electricity.

Because solar thermal technology is around 70% more efficient in collecting and producing heat into energy than solar PV is, you will need fewer solar panels to produce the energy you need. In fact, one of our solar panels can produce the same amount of energy that it takes 20 to 30 PV panels to produce.

Most residential properties don’t have the space necessary to set up 20 to 30 solar panels and have them all placed in the most effective position in the sun to produce the energy that they need. Meaning, even if you did have the additional money to purchase all of those solar panels, exactly where would you put them?

Unlike a business, many residential properties don’t have the space to have 30 solar panels. That is why ourO solar panels are a much cheaper investment than solar PV panels and they produce more energy for your property. It’s that simple.

Quicker ROI

Thermal solar panels also provide homeowners with a faster return on their initial investment. You will start to see lower utility bills as soon as the solar panels are installed. Most homeowners will see their water heating bills lowered by around 50% or even as much as 80%.

Not to mention the tax credit that you will receive for making the switch to solar power. With all of the savings and the tax credit, your return on your investment won’t take nearly as long as it does with PV.

So what are you waiting for? Go green with our solar panels and help reduce the price of your residential HVAC on Oahu today! Your new solar panels are just a call away, so pick up the phone and dial (808) 202-8436 to get a free estimate.

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