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Commercial Systems

Increase the efficiency and lifespan of your AC and Refrigeration systems
with an ROI as low as a matter of months.

Commercial refrigeration is one of the largest consumers of electricity in today’s world and a large part of your businesses monthly expense. CoolXEnergy’s solar single and multiplex solar thermal systems reduce the energy consumption on fixed speed staged, inverter and digital scroll systems, by as much as 30-50%. Our thermal collection systems can be retrofitted onto just about any existing commercial refrigeration or air conditioning system.

A CoolXEnergy Solar AC system can pay for itself in just a few years. Should your business qualify for federal and state tax credits and depreciation, your panel pays for itself, AND you can start saving 30 – 50% of your AC/Refrigeration costs, right after your panels are installed. Give us a call for an analysis of your current electricity usage, and an estimate of the cost savings you can achieve.

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Commercial Warehouse

Warehouse air conditioning and refrigeration system.

Commercial Retail

Retail air conditioning or storage and consumer facing freezer systems.

Commercial Office Building

Small to large office building air conditioner systems.

Recent Commercial Projects

Preventative Air Conditioner Maintenance Honolulu HIAs a business owner, you understand that comfortability is important. Not just to your clients, but to your employees as well. Making sure that your business is a comfortable place for your employees to work and for your customers/clients to buy your product is crucial to your success.

On a scorching hot day, nothing feels better than walking through the doors into a building and feeling a cool breeze of air wash over you but the opposite is also true. Nothing feels worse than walking into a humid building and sweating to the point that your shirt is sticking to your body.

This is why commercial HVAC on Oahu is essential to your business, especially if you need refrigerators or freezers to house cold products. Commercial HVAC is crucial to your business but what exactly is commercial HVAC anyway?

What is Commercial HVAC?

HVAC systems are known to be heating and cooling systems that we use to keep our buildings cool during hot weather. Since Oahu never really gets cold there is no need for heating systems in homes or in commercial buildings.

Most HVAC systems in Oahu (commercial or residential) are used for cooling buildings and for things like refrigerators and freezers. Both of these are important reasons to use HVAC systems for your commercial property but how do you choose which types are best for what you need?

Different Types of Commercial HVAC Units:

There are 3 main types of commercial HVAC systems which are single split systems, multi-split systems, and VRF or VRV systems. There are

Single Split Systems

Single split systems are perfect for smaller spaces and are one of the most popular types of commercial HVAC on Oahu for this very reason. If your commercial property is a small office space, a small store, coffee shop, or a quant reasturant than a single split system could be right for you.

One of the best aspects of single spit systems is how affordable they are. These systems can be used together to help cool larger commercial buildings as well. The best and most cost-effective part of using the single split systems this way is that when one of the units stops working properly, all of the other units will still work unaffected by the malfunctioning unit.

The single split systems still use the standard refrigerant, furnaces and evaporator coils as well as thermostats. Depending on how large your commercial building is, all of these units can begin to take up space which is the only real downfall to using this system for larger properties.

Multi-Split Systems

Multi-split systems are incredibly similar to single split systems. They work in the same basic way but have the ability to cool larger buildings a little more efficiently. These multi-split systems are great for larger office buildings, larger restaurants, or buildings with several floors.

The main reason why business owners will choose a multi-split system over a single split is because of the outdoor units. With a single split system, every indoor unit needs a corresponding outdoor unit for them to work properly. However, multi-split systems can have multiple indoor units all connected to one outdoor unit.

This is a game-changer for some businesses especially if outdoor space is a challenge. If your property is surrounded by other buildings or has very limited parking space, sometimes having several outdoor units just isn’t an option.

There are a few downfalls to the multi-split system. They are a little more expensive to install, the installation process takes a little longer and they require more pipework than a single split system.

VRF or VRV Systems

VRF (variable refrigerant flow) or VRV (variable refrigerant volume) sound very similar. That is because they mean the exact same thing. These two terms are used interchangeably since they both refer to the same type of system.

These VRF/VRV systems are great for large commercial buildings such as stores, multiple offices, or very large buildings such as hotels. When it comes to commercial HVAC on Oahu VRF/VRV is the best option for larger buildings for several reasons.

VRF/VRV is incredibly efficient and easy to use. They are also fairly quick and easy to install with minimal disruption. There are actually 2 different types of VRF systems to choose from called heat pump and heat recovery.

Heat pump systems are better for buildings with larger more open spaces such as a warehouse or large conference halls. For these types of buildings, heat pump systems are just more efficient at cooling larger open spaces quickly and helping them to remain cool.

Heat recovery systems are better for office buildings with many different rooms or suites. The heat recovery system is more efficient at allowing individual temperature control in many individual rooms. Hotels, doctor’s offices, and other places such as these would benefit more from a heat recovery system.

ThermX InstallationSaving on Your Commercial HVAC Costs

Business owners are always looking for the best ways to reduce their expenses. They are always trying to figure out what the best investments to make are to help their businesses save money.

Solar-powered commercial HVAC on Oahu is the best investment that your business can make when it comes to your air conditioning system. Solar power is by far the best way to save money and reduce your overall water heater and air conditioning costs, especially if you have a business that relies on refrigeration units.

Commercial AC systems are important to keep your business running smoothly and effectively. Why is solar power becoming so popular among businesses and commercial properties?

Solar Power Incentives

Saving the Planet

Going green and trying to reduce carbon emissions are by far the most important reasons to start using solar power for commercial HVAC on Oahu. It has become an undeniable truth that global warming is negatively affecting the planet. We don’t know exactly what will happen if global warming isn’t stopped but we do know that the planet will continue to change in ways that will be catastrophic for humanity and animal life.

Coral reefs that have been a source of underwater life for centuries are starting to die at an alarming rate, plants are starting to be affected as well, and water levels are starting to rise due to the melting ice caps. If Oahu ends up underwater that would be bad for business.

Helping to reduce your carbon footprint and reduce energy consumption by compensating with clean solar energy is a great way to help the Earth and overall, your business.

Not to mention customers love dealing with eco-friendly businesses. It makes them feel like they are also helping to contribute to saving the planet by supporting eco-friendly businesses over ones that are not.

Tax Incentives

Businesses that use solar energy are able to receive major tax incentives for going green. According to the current state statutes, solar power can offer up to $500,000 is tax incentives. So that means solar-powered commercial HVAC on Oahu will not only help to reduce your energy consumption but the ROI from the taxes alone is worth the switch for your business.

And installing solar panels doesn’t cost what it used to. Solar power is more affordable to install than ever and the panels take up less space than what they used to. If you are concerned about a large section of panels taking up space and being an eyesore for your business, you will be glad to know that has changed as well.

Saving on Energy Costs

Saving on your business’s energy costs sounds like a simple way to cut back on expenses. However, for a business, it’s not as simple as just turning off the lights here and there. Businesses use a lot of power. Solar power is a great way to supplement energy from the sun, a natural and clean energy source.

Being able to use this type of clean energy reduces your overall costs because of the way the system works. Solar power used to be difficult to obtain for residential properties and small businesses because of the number of solar panels that were needed and how much more it cost to install all of those panels.

Now, with our solar panels you get the same amount of power in just one panel that it used to take 30 to 40 solar panels to produce. That is why our solar panels are the best choice for your business and your pocket. Soon, solar energy will be the only way that businesses are heating and cooling their buildings.

Compatible with Existing AC Units

Easy to Install

We are trying to break down the knowledge barrier and show business owners like you just how practical solar energy truly is and what benefits solar technology will have for your business.

Our solar panel system is incredibly easy and quick to install mostly because, contrary to popular belief, our solar panels can be retrofitted to fit almost any AC unit that your business already has. Solar-powered commercial HVAC on Oahu is being used now more than ever before because of how quick and easy the units are to install.

The best part about the way our solar system works is that during periods when solar power resources are reduced (when it has been less sunny than normal) all of your water heating and air conditioning systems will use standard means energy. So your business will always continue to run smoothly without interruption.

Reduces Standard Energy Consumption

The islands of Hawaii are one of the states that have the most potential for solar power. Every island has an abundant amount of raw solar energy that isn’t being utilized. Why is this?

There are a decent amount of residential homes and businesses alike that have already made the switch to solar or who at least use solar power to compensate for some of their standard power usages. However, there is still a large number of homes and businesses using standard means for commercial HVAC on Oahu. These people and businesses are not taking advantage of one of the islands’ largest resources. The sunny weather.

Some businesses might be worried about their making the switch for their and the overall cost. Right now solar panels cost less than ever before to buy and are even cheaper to pay for installation. Making the switch to our solar panels has never been easier and is the best decision for your business.

Since standard types of energy are imported to the islands the cost of such energy is 3 and sometimes as much as 4 times higher than the cost of the same energy used on the mainland. This makes solar energy the cheapest option in the long run.

This also means that residential and commercial properties on the islands of Hawaii can see their ROI from solar energy 3 to 4 times faster than businesses in other states. So what is the wait? Go ahead and contact Cool X Energy today for your free estimate!

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