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How It Works

Reduce your air conditioner’s electricity usage by
30-50%. Our system pays for itself.

Slide Your electric
compressor sends
refrigerant to the
CoolXEnergy solar
panel, rather than
directly to the air
conditioner condenser.
2 The sun’s free thermal energy is used
to super-heat the refrigerant,
increasing its kinetic energy and mass.
3 The refrigerant flows
through the
condenser much more
quickly, re-cooling and
returning to the
Since the cooling process is more efficient, the compressor is used less, saving you as much as 30-50% of the normal electricity used.

Our solar system uses the sun’s energy to heat the refrigerant in your home air conditioning system, which increases the compressor’s capacity. Yes, heating the refrigerant makes it more efficient at cooling.

What CoolXEnergy means for you? You can cool your home or business using your existing air conditioner but use 30-50% less electricity.

In technical terms, our solar collection system is highly efficient at collecting the sun’s natural thermal energy to heat the refrigerant and subsequently reduce the workload of your air conditioner’s compressor. Our solar air conditioning process works between the compressor and condenser. The sun heats the refrigerant, giving the molecules more kinetic energy which means they are moving at a higher velocity, increasing mass, and making the cooling process within the condenser more efficient.

Energy savings will cover the cost of your AC
Get Federal and State of Hawaii tax credits
Promotes sustainability by reducing energy use
Call us at (808) 202-8436 and we will evaluate how we can cut your AC and/or Refrigeration costs by an average of 30-50%!

Residential Customers

Perfect for Central AC users!  We can fit to most brands, and we will verify whether the panel is compatible; but if your system is old and in need of constant repair, consider replacing your system and add our panel!

Commercial Customers

Increase the efficiency and lifespan of your AC system with an ROI as low as a matter of months.

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