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Building a Green Hawai‘i, One Customer at a Time
Founder/ Owner Myron Thompson’s mission is to bring effective technologies to Hawaii,and to help Hawaii reach its sustainability goals.
My background and family members are composed of social service workers, educators, marine conservationists, pacific ocean explorers, polynesian voyagers, humanitarians and philanthropists.  Whether as a family or as individuals most of us are interested in raising awareness and providing effective solutions that change conditions for the better, in all sectors of life.

My later father “Pinky” Thompson dedicated his life in the area of early childhood education, and in teaching others what it means to be stewards of our land and natural resources.

It is my vision that I may be a part of contributing to these ideals, and professionally through these innovative and effective technologies, that we have a better home, better business and better planet for all generations to come.

Myron Thompson


Our Company

CoolXEnergy is headed by Myron Thompson, President and CEO.  His extensive background and deep roots in the renewable energy field spans close to 20 years in the areas of solar hot water and solar photovoltaic installation.

After extensive research and testing of products that would benefit the residents of Hawaii, he has brought solar air-conditioning, and other technological innovations that reduce energy costs, to the Hawaii market.  This particular Solar AC product differs from traditional solar PV, in that it doesn’t generate electricity but decreases the electrical costs of running an air conditioner by using the power of the sun.  CoolXEnergy’s proprietary Solar AC product will allow home owners and business owners alike to decrease their electrical air conditioning costs by up to 30-50% and since it doesn’t generate electricity, there are no restrictions or regulations preventing it’s installation by the utility company.

CoolXEnergy is proud to represent this product and their line of proven energy efficient products, and excited to enlighten you on the benefits that it brings to you— financially and environmentally.

The employees at CoolXEnergy share Myron’s vision of a clean, sustainable Hawai‘i, and the desire to give back to our community, and are passionate about preserving the beauty of our islands.

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