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Why Solar AC?

Traditional AC units are perfectly fine for most people. However, Hawaii’s energy costs already soar high above the national average, which makes solar AC a smart option for savvy home and business owners. Learn why solar AC is an ideal cooling solution for Hawaii’s homes and businesses.

Save on Energy Costs

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Hawaii leads the nation in energy costs at an average of nearly 24 cents per kWh. This isn’t a fluke, either; Hawaii is consistently the most expensive state when it comes to energy costs followed by Massachusetts.

This is a huge burden for homeowners and business owners considering Hawaii is soaked in sun throughout the year. Solar AC can conserve up to 50% of the energy needed to cool a structure, which saves you money.

Compatible with Existing AC Units

As the Solar Energy Industries Association reports, the states with the greatest adoption of solar energy are all on the mainland: California, North Carolina, and Arizona to name a few. The state with the greatest to gain from solar AC — Hawaii — didn’t even make the top 10, which means solar potential is greatly underused.

While big businesses and governments are slowly making the switch to solar, many homeowners and business owners are hesitant to do so because of the associated costs. A common misconception is that existing AC units become useless with solar, which is far from the truth.

CoolXEnergy’s proprietary solar solutions can be retrofitted to fit most existing AC units and works with them to reduce overall energy use.

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Reap Tax Incentives

The perceived cost of solar panel installation is another barrier for many Hawaiians. Compared to the ongoing costs of cooling your space, however, installing a solar AC solution provides financial relief both immediately and in the long term. For homeowners, the Hawaii Solar Tax Credit offers a return of up to 35% of the cost for simply installing solar panels.

For commercial properties, solar panels that use the sun’s energy to supplement AC performance and enhance cooling may provide a tax incentive of up to $500,000 per system according to current state statutes.

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Reduce Load Demand

Existing AC systems and power grids are easily overburdened during peak hours. With solar AC solutions from CoolXEnergy, you can keep demand in check and reduce the overall grid load. This helps preserve the function and extend the life of your existing equipment, which can save you from having to replace AC equipment later.

Customized to Meet Your Needs

Solar AC units are not a one-size-fits-all package. Some homeowners with cozier spaces may not need multiple solar panels to efficiently cool their home whereas a large warehouse needs more solar panels to benefit from solar AC.

That’s why CoolXEnergy customizes solar panel installation to each individual need, which keeps costs as low as possible without sacrificing energy savings associated with solar AC.

Preserve Curb Appeal

Another common misconception is that once solar panels are installed they become an eyesore for guests or customers. This simply isn’t true. Depending on the layout of your home or business, panels can be positioned to soak up the most sun while remaining out of view to curb traffic. Feel free to welcome guests or customers to your cool, comfortable space thanks to the power of the sun.

Increase Value

Speaking of curb appeal, value is an important factor to consider before making any improvements to a home or business. While you might love your location now, a time may come when it’s best to sell and move on to the next adventure. Properties equipped with solar PV panels have been found to experience a boost in actual and perceived value when placed on the market.

A 2015 study published by the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBL) found that the average home equipped with solar paneling was more likely to sell at a premium than those without. As customers continue to seek homes with built-in sustainable energy solutions, property values will increase accordingly.

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Adopt Sustainable Practices

The addition of solar AC solutions to your Hawaiian home or business takes you one step closer to sustainability. Because solar paneling uses the power of the sun to reduce energy consumption, you’re helping the environment as well as your bank account. As a clean, renewable alternative to energy supplied by fossil fuels, solar AC reduces your carbon footprint and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

In addition to environmental benefits, studies show that the increased adoption of renewable energy solutions may also benefit health by reducing the amount of pollution in the air. A study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory found a potential reduction in health issues, including bronchitis, asthma, and respiratory infections as more individuals and businesses choose sustainable energy sources.

Get Solar AC Now

The time is now to experience the benefits of solar AC for your home or business. With CoolXEnergy, Hawaii’s premier solar AC provider, you benefit from solar expertise headquartered right in your backyard. Contact us today for a custom quote!