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Reduce your air conditioner’s electricity usage by
60%. Our system pays for itself.

CoolXEnergy is the exclusive Hawaii distributor of the ThermX solar air conditioning and refrigeration system. With over 6,000 commercial installations worldwide, ThermX is an Internationally patented technology that helps commercial and residential customers save money cooling their homes and businesses.

Some of ThermX’s global customers

Cable & Wireless
Hard Rock Cafe

Solar AC and Refrigeration is a thermodynamic collection system, it is not Solar PV. To reproduce the same average energy saved, 30 to 40 250 watt Solar PV panels would need to be used to equal the efficiently of a single ThermX solar unit.

Regardless of the type of compressor in use on your air conditioning or refrigeration system, DC Inverter, Super DC Inverter, Hyper DC Inverter, Staged Compression, or Digital Scroll, 80% of the energy is consumed by the compressor. ThermX simply makes that compressor more efficient, using less electricity.

Before ThermX

After ThermX

Inverter & digital scroll systems

Traditional inverter and digital scroll systems are engineered to produce fluctuating loads subject to the system’s requirements. When the load requirement is low, the compressor runs at a low speed. The system automatically increases its load capacity when the ambient temperature rises; therefore, the hotter it gets, the harder the compressor works.

The hotter it gets, the harder this system works

Staged compression systems

When the load requirement is low, the stage system is designed to run on reduced compressor numbers (i.e. single stage), commanding additional stages as the load requires.

Therefore as with fluctuating load systems, the hotter it gets, the load requirement from the system increases. In the case of multistage compression, additional compressors enter the phased platform to satisfy load demand.

Again, the hotter it gets, the less efficient the system becomes 

ThermX increases the capacity of the compressor, which uses 100% of the free, renewable energy provided by the sun. ThermX:

  • Raises the solar collector’s internal energy by increasing the kinetic energy within gas molecules.
  • The molecules spread out and move through the condenser at a higher velocity.

The result? Increased DeltaT combines with heightened kinetic energy to increase the condenser’s surface area. The projected increase in pressure is released and the condenser experiences a reduction in energy demand.

The hotter it gets, the more efficient your compressor becomes, saving up to 60% on electricity costs

ThermX can be retrofitted to most air conditioning and refrigeration systems.

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